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Owned and Operated by The Harris Family

Beagles bred for Passion and Performance

The Harris Family

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Mountain Magic - About Us

The Harris Family

Randy Harris -
First off I would like to say a big thank you to my wife for allowing me to do what I have
always loved to do. Thank you honey. love you always.

I have had hunting dogs my whole life. It all started with my Dad and my uncle who owned
rabbit dogs and I became involved with them in my younger years. I then got married and had
two beautiful baby girls and took a short break from dogs. I think a year went by and then
I told my wife I was going to get me a couple of dogs (2) that would eventually turn into
26. We were renting a big farm house and so had plenty of room at the time but when we
finally decided to purchase our own home neighbors required that I down size, so I did.
When my last hunting buddy past away I got into Labs and started to do some duck and goose
hunting which led me to competing in field trails. Then we were blessed with a baby boy and
then 5 years later another baby boy. Through all this my wife always told me she wanted the boys to have a beagle of there own to take hunting so I down size my labs and here we are.

Buffy Harris -
This is my wife of 22 years and the Mother of our childern. We have travled many miles up
and down the road chaseing points and titles on these dogs. The only thing I can say is God
has bless me so much. A man told me one time "behind every great man is a great woman" and
this is so ture

Mary Ann -
She has always been very involed with the dogs and still is even though she is grown and out
on her own. She is one of the best obedieance trainers I have seen and she stills help me train today.

Skyler -
She has always been involed with the kennel and then she got into make up and all that girlie
stuff. She stills stays involed with the dogs keeping up with the paper work and all of my
typing. She still enjoys going running with Dad and the hounds of course.

Austin -
He has really taken to the kennel life and helps me with all daily chores around here. From
cleaning the kennel ,groming dogs ,feeding and he also enjoys running the dogs and going to the
field trails. He fits all this in his schedule and stills finds time for his first love - FOOTBALL.

Parker -
Although he is still young he has a heart the size of the earth. He really enjoys the dogs,
especialy the puppies, and he is not affraid of hard work.

Big Matt -
Is my oldest (Mary Anns partner in life). He has really taken to the kennel life and has been very
active in all aspect of the kennel from cleaning to handling dogs in feild trails.

Little Matt -
He is our newest addtion to the family (Skylers partner in life) and he is starting to take a likeing
to the dogs. He has started to go running with me so I would say that it looks like I have some
more kennel and trail help.